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A Puerto Rican Renaissance, by George Torres

Esta pieza es compartida con el auspicio de National Puerto Rican Day Parade Inc. (, sin embargo las opiniones expresadas, ideas y concepto son de la autoría de George Torres.

It does not matter how old I get, or how many times I have marched down 5th avenue... it still means the world to me. When I walk down that street and see the sea of red white and blue, I feel like the most important person in Nueva York!
I figured out why... it is because I am a proud Puerto Rican. 
I cannot say that the walk has always been an easy one, as there have been moments that I have questioned exactly why I march. The reasons are too many to discuss in this post but the end result is always the same. I will walk again... because I am an ambassador for Puerto Rican (and Pan-Latin) culture in our community and with that role comes the responsibility of helping people reconnect with their roots. It is my responsibility to not only march but do my part in helping this institution accomplish it's mission. Despite all the adversity, I stand with this new board in support of their commitment to bring our culture back to the forefront of the parade.

I really believe that this year will be the beginning of a Puerto Rican Renaissance here in NYC.
So as we approach June 8th...I have a special ask... 
I ask the we take our families to 5th Ave in NYC to celebrate our cultural heritage in a positive way. Yes, I am asking for recommitment to preserving our culture and traditions.  I am asking that you do not buy anything that desecrate our beautiful flag. I am asking that on the way to the parade, you share stories with the children in your family about the things mami and wela taught you. I am asking that you talk about Papi and welo and how they adapted to life in NYC. I am asking that you teach the kids about the historical contributions that the Puerto Rican community have made in the United States. I am asking that you teach them why we have the biggest and most beautiful cultural celebration that NYC has ever seen... and why today it is so important that we support it and make it better. I am asking because ultimately... it all starts with you... with me... with us.
Over the next two weeks... I will be coordinating a VIRTUAL PARADE on social media with #TeamCapicu (my army of social media reporters) and we will highlight Puerto Rico on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the #QueBonitaBandera hashtag. This parade is inspired in part by the great work Marixsa is doing to raise the level of "conciencia" in our community with #AbrazosBoricuas

Follow the hashtag, share the content but most importantly... discuss it with your friends and family so that we can continue to grow as a people without losing sight of our beautiful heritage.
¡Que Viva Puerto Rico!
A la orden siempre...

George Torres (aka Urban Jíbaro) is a community builder who presents, promotes, and preserves Latino culture via new media. He was raised between Brooklyn, New York and Bayamón, Puerto Rico and inspired by his grandmother, Gloria del Rio, who dedicated her life to political action community advocacy for Latinos and was also a master of her cocina. George is the creator of Sofrito For Your Soul, a website originally conceived as a personal journal, pre-dating blogs, it was meant to document his college experience and his affinity for poetry. Sofrito For Your Soul eventually grew into a website that highlighted our culture beyond campus and eventually gained an international audience.  
His most recent partnership has been a collaboration with Juan PaPo Swiggity Santiago, with whom in 2007, after 8 years of sharing ideas, CAPICU! Cultural Showcase was created. Combining their community building abilities, CAPICU! produce diverse poetry and performing arts events in New York City. Their mission is to create a self-sustaining institution that will cultivate media savvy amongst successful business people in the arts circle. You can find George Torres on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow also Capicu Culture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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