martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Playgroup/Baby Shower by Brooklyn Mamas

Photo by Pauletta Joy
Photo by Pauletta Joy
Two weeks ago I was surprised by another baby shower to welcome our little girl, it took place during a playgroup meeting we attend every week. Tenoch's little friends enjoyed some playtime together and their wonderful moms put together a party at one of the mom's beautiful new apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Photo by Pauletta Joy

There was plenty of food, beautiful gifts, lots of laughter and even a special craft project where all moms and even Tenoch's grandma helped build a handmade mobile for the new baby.

Photo by Pauletta Joy

I finished the piece at home tying the little felt pads with doves and a heart to some wood sticks with pink embroidery thread.

The mobile looks amazing and what a special welcoming gift for the baby. Thank you Brooklyn Mamas!

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eisa dijo...

what a wonderful day we had celebrating you, marixsa. :)